Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mornin' Mommas!

Just wanted to get you guys the inside scoop on my latest YT video. I got a few good questions recently about...dum duh dum dummmmm... LEAKING...eek! = ) What about you mommas? Any suggestions from you all? Any weird or inventive ways you guys have dealt with leaking??? OR what was your worst leaking episode?? MY favorite one was when my son was first born and (your just a dag gone engorged milk machine!) We went to go visit great grandma for the first time and I went to give her a big ol' hug ,....and she squeezed me a little too tightly...hahaha.I had HUGE perfectly circular stains on my shirt and didn't realize it until we sat down to eat and I took off my coat! uugh! SMH..That was when I learned that nursing pads are an ABSOLUTE necessity, at ALL TIMES!  Well, you guys KNOOOOOW I can talk!So let me get back to editing this video down! hhhahahaha... Be Well,