Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Covers by Kye, is closed...

Hello Lovelies!

Well, As you can see from my lack of blog involvement my life is getting HECTIC. My "Baby" is going to be 3, and I have a 6 and 15 year old! Basketball practices, Dance practices and their strange need of 3 meals a day? (Where did they come up with a silly idea like that...?!#?$ haha) Has stolen me away from Geraldine (My sewing machine.) =)

I have decided to shut down my covers business, and focus on my little familia.Thank you SOOOOO Much to the wonderful clients I have worked with and to all the mommas out there nursing! Good for you! DON"T Stop! You CAN do it!! HELL, We been doing it for thousands of years..There's gotta be a reason why..? Best of luck to ALL of you!* I AM still a blogger though! You can always catch up with my latest and greatest craziness over at..




Monday, July 25, 2011

Bring me your MESS monsters!

I don't know about you mommas that are feeding little one's in the highchair now, but lemme' tell ya'... cloth bibs pretty much suck...If you have a super mess maker Like I do...You'll go through 2-3 bibs a day, because they trash them so quickly! I wanted to make a wipe-able bib but all I could find for kids was SUPER boring blah blah baby patterns.. Then I remembered OILCLOTH! Duh!!I have a store here in L.A that carries every oilcloth pattern known to MAN! So I bought a few awesome vintage looking pieces to get started! After tinkering around in my "craft dungeon" I whipped up these fab-o bibs! Whatcha think? Would YOUR baby rock one?

Well, I certainly hope so! They will be available in the store later on today!! Happy shopping girlie's!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not quite perfected ...BUT, in the home stretch!

Hi Dolls,

OK. So, member the shabby chic idea i'm farting around with...? I have ANOTHER sneak peek to share with you. I'm not done with this yet BUT I am close and want your opinions please...

What cha' think about this one? So far..seriously, I LURVE it! OK, so let's recap...we've got a shabby 'tattered' white cotton ruffle on the bottom, a totally cool fleur de lis /crown design going on, on the chest area and theeeenn some sweeeet black lace around the neck line! You guys. REALLY. this thing is CUTE! Like I said before though, this will definitely be in the $45 dollar range just because of all the hand work that goes into this and the labor intensity, but compared to other covers out there that are mass produced at $40-45..this is a STEAL! And your helpin' out lil' ole' me! Thank you everyone for your support and especially your kind words in regards to my little jossy ;) A much better photo shoot to come for this lil' gem!
Your shabby friend-o


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Any shabby Chic lovers out there...?

Mornin' mommas!
Well, I'm up and out early today to go hit some of my favorite fabric spots.Looking for more awesome fabrics and prints BUT I have been thinking of this idea for a couple of days now and wanted to get your input....Well, Anyone who knows me knows I lurve the shabby chic style! I love it's rustic-ness, and it's imperfections and dang it. Just the down right girly ness of it! =) Soooooo I have been playing with this idea in my little brain...what if I merge shabby and nursing? Here are a couple of visions I have ...Take a peek..

OK. Yes, I do realize that this is a tote bag and a pillow...hahah.. I am referring to the ruffles on the edges..what cha' think? I think these ruffle layers would look cute running along the bottom edge of a nursing cover...I have looked and looked on the net and so far, no one's done this..Is there a reason for that? hmmmm...lol. Oh well! I'm gonna pioneer it then! I am going to start out with a light weight linen material, it's a little heavier weight than regular cotton and then get some white fabric for the ruffles...It's gonna be a hit gurlfriends! I can smell it!!!!!!
The only thing though...Is I will be charging more for this one cover because it is more labor intensive..I don't have a little sewing troll under the bed who whips up ruffles all day..I'm the TROLL! hahahah..I have some orders to fiill BUT I am gonna squeeze this in at some point today..Pictures to come soon...
Big soft ruffley hugs!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from the BRINK!

Hi erry' body!
Well, haven't I just been  M.I.A! Well, I'll tell ya..I have GOOD reason!...
Here is my precious little Jossy, in her last days of cast HELL! Well, I never mentioned it on any of my YT videos http://www.youtube.com/user/marylissa1011?blend=4&ob=5 BUT my little momma was born with club feet... :( IT sucked! She has had a series of casts being changed every 2 weeks on her feet since she was 2 weeks old, for the course of about 8 - 9 months. Well, she recently had the heel cord surgery...Basically what it is, is they cut your Achilles tendon and then re-attach it in hopes to elongate the tendon...OUCH..Anyway, she had this surgery and is now in her last cast! yippeeee! I hope you all can forgive me =( but I have had my hands full to say the least. BUT Covers by Kye is up and running. Thank You for your orders and your patience! And a HUGE thank you to Kandee Johnson http://kandeelandkandeeland.blogspot.com/ for her awesome review of my covers!! (See post below) Cupcake kisses to you gurlfriend!!  BIG HUGS! >Muah<
* I will post an update picture soon, of my little momma running around! Thanks ALL!!!

Kandeeland: Since no one wants to see boobs:

Kandeeland: Since no one wants to see boobs:: "What's the big boob? For as much as people don't mind seeing boobs everywhere...they sure don't like to see the true use of why women have b..."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mornin' Mommas!

Just wanted to get you guys the inside scoop on my latest YT video. I got a few good questions recently about...dum duh dum dummmmm... LEAKING...eek! = ) What about you mommas? Any suggestions from you all? Any weird or inventive ways you guys have dealt with leaking??? OR what was your worst leaking episode?? MY favorite one was when my son was first born and (your just a dag gone engorged milk machine!) We went to go visit great grandma for the first time and I went to give her a big ol' hug ,....and she squeezed me a little too tightly...hahaha.I had HUGE perfectly circular stains on my shirt and didn't realize it until we sat down to eat and I took off my coat! uugh! SMH..That was when I learned that nursing pads are an ABSOLUTE necessity, at ALL TIMES!  Well, you guys KNOOOOOW I can talk!So let me get back to editing this video down! hhhahahaha... Be Well,