Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from the BRINK!

Hi erry' body!
Well, haven't I just been  M.I.A! Well, I'll tell ya..I have GOOD reason!...
Here is my precious little Jossy, in her last days of cast HELL! Well, I never mentioned it on any of my YT videos BUT my little momma was born with club feet... :( IT sucked! She has had a series of casts being changed every 2 weeks on her feet since she was 2 weeks old, for the course of about 8 - 9 months. Well, she recently had the heel cord surgery...Basically what it is, is they cut your Achilles tendon and then re-attach it in hopes to elongate the tendon...OUCH..Anyway, she had this surgery and is now in her last cast! yippeeee! I hope you all can forgive me =( but I have had my hands full to say the least. BUT Covers by Kye is up and running. Thank You for your orders and your patience! And a HUGE thank you to Kandee Johnson for her awesome review of my covers!! (See post below) Cupcake kisses to you gurlfriend!!  BIG HUGS! >Muah<
* I will post an update picture soon, of my little momma running around! Thanks ALL!!!


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