Sunday, July 17, 2011

Any shabby Chic lovers out there...?

Mornin' mommas!
Well, I'm up and out early today to go hit some of my favorite fabric spots.Looking for more awesome fabrics and prints BUT I have been thinking of this idea for a couple of days now and wanted to get your input....Well, Anyone who knows me knows I lurve the shabby chic style! I love it's rustic-ness, and it's imperfections and dang it. Just the down right girly ness of it! =) Soooooo I have been playing with this idea in my little brain...what if I merge shabby and nursing? Here are a couple of visions I have ...Take a peek..

OK. Yes, I do realize that this is a tote bag and a pillow...hahah.. I am referring to the ruffles on the edges..what cha' think? I think these ruffle layers would look cute running along the bottom edge of a nursing cover...I have looked and looked on the net and so far, no one's done this..Is there a reason for that? Oh well! I'm gonna pioneer it then! I am going to start out with a light weight linen material, it's a little heavier weight than regular cotton and then get some white fabric for the ruffles...It's gonna be a hit gurlfriends! I can smell it!!!!!!
The only thing though...Is I will be charging more for this one cover because it is more labor intensive..I don't have a little sewing troll under the bed who whips up ruffles all day..I'm the TROLL! hahahah..I have some orders to fiill BUT I am gonna squeeze this in at some point today..Pictures to come soon...
Big soft ruffley hugs!


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