Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not quite perfected ...BUT, in the home stretch!

Hi Dolls,

OK. So, member the shabby chic idea i'm farting around with...? I have ANOTHER sneak peek to share with you. I'm not done with this yet BUT I am close and want your opinions please...

What cha' think about this one? So far..seriously, I LURVE it! OK, so let's recap...we've got a shabby 'tattered' white cotton ruffle on the bottom, a totally cool fleur de lis /crown design going on, on the chest area and theeeenn some sweeeet black lace around the neck line! You guys. REALLY. this thing is CUTE! Like I said before though, this will definitely be in the $45 dollar range just because of all the hand work that goes into this and the labor intensity, but compared to other covers out there that are mass produced at $40-45..this is a STEAL! And your helpin' out lil' ole' me! Thank you everyone for your support and especially your kind words in regards to my little jossy ;) A much better photo shoot to come for this lil' gem!
Your shabby friend-o



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